Monday, April 12, 2010

oh the posts i've written

i write posts, but mainly in my head. then, when i sit down in front of the computer i become a raccoon and all the shiny things distract me. and the internet is full of shiny things. 

so orts, here we come.

~mom nature seems to be laughing in my general direction. so far every day i've had off this spring has rained. and as soon as i go back to work, it's sunny and lovely. we'll see what it does this week whenever i get a day off.

~my allergies have been rather quiet this year so far. i'm not holding my breath, however. i'm sure i'll be a wreck soon enough. (okay, scratch nose started running almost as soon as i wrote that)

~i had a complete stranger ask me to post the pattern to the skirt i knit because she wants to make one for herself. eep!

~i have worked more days on the sales floor than i have in a long time. we'll be hitting 7 or 8 by the time i get a day off (i hope). if my co-worker can make it through tonight (she had oral surgery) and be okay for tomorrow morning, i will have tomorrow off. if not, i will be opening that store and not having a full day off until thursday. however, i'm not complaining about it. it's been fun. tiring, but fun.

~i have reconnected with people from my past who i my past, would never have really given me the time of day (or vice versa). i am happy to have reconnected with them in a positive way. i'm glad we've all grown up.

~when someone tells me, after looking at an old picture of me from my high school days, that i've not changed a bit i get a little sad. cuz i think i have changed...for the better! 

~i am married to an amazing man who made sure he went to the store and made me dinner last night. see the note above about the amount of time i've been working. 

~my mother-in-law received a very special gift from me. she saw something i'd knit that she really liked and commented on it. since i'd not worn it in a while, i sent it off to her. she sent me pics and texts saying how much she loved it. i love her so very much and am one of the luckiest gals around! i don't know what i did to have been lucky enough to marry into the family i did. 

~the shoe store is a funny place. i've met some great friends there. i had a girl ask me to be her friend when i was working yesterday. she'd moved to pdx a year prior and said she had a serious lack of girlfriends here. i told her to look me up on facebook. 

~i need to go blow my nose...dammit, stupid allergies.


The Real Mother Hen said...

hiya, you wanna try acupuncture for your allergies? Well, husband hurt his back so bad that he was in great pain after repeated visits to the doctors/ physical therapists etc. A few weeks ago he finally gave up and decided to try out acupuncture as the last resort. And he now a total convert, saying acupuncture saves his life. Anyway, because he was in pain, I drove him to the acupuncturist, and sat there getting all bored to tears and started reading about acupuncture, and learned that it does treat allergies and all kind of stuff. Interesting. Now you mention allergies and immediately I thought about the stuff I read while waiting for husband.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Shannon, LOL! Your words crack me up and gave me a good smile to start the week with! The weather thing isn't funny, but the way you described it was hilarious... and so true!

I can so relate to the allergy thing! That's why we live where we do now. I've had horrible allergies all my life... used to sit for hours in the allergists office to get my shots as a kid. But here by the ocean, it almost seems like I don't have allergies. I think the ocean breeze blows them out to sea! Thank god!

So happy for you to have such a great relationship with the in-laws! A true blessing, believe me!

Real Mother Hen wrote (above my comment here) about acupuncture... I've been wondering about that myself. Let me know if you try it, k?
Have a great week!

Monika said...

Well, it's nice to hear from you, and even though your nose is dripping, stupid allergies, you seem to be busy but happy. That's great! :o)

Jack K. said...

I'm sad to learn about the allergies returning. Acupuncture just may do the trick.

I hate to rub it in, but we are going out into the yard for the third day in a row to trim bushes and stuff. I'll post some photos later.

Take care.

Jack K. said...

The photos are on Facebook.

Have a good time today, even though it is raining.

Happy hour with friends is always fun.

I'll be working with Priscilla LoP this afternoon. I'm loaning them my laptop. It should be fun, too.

StarSpry said...

Beautiful post! I'm always thinking of great things to say on my blog (in my head), but I don't actually post them that often because of all the shiny things on the web :)

I'm sorry to hear about the allergies. I hope something works to control them!