Tuesday, April 13, 2010

oh oh oh! i forgot an ort!

i forgot to mention that we have had some asparagus come up already! i am pretty sure we had a mix of one and two year crowns so we are getting some to eat and will let the others fern out again this year. 

anyway, we've been able to harvest a few spears to eat. 

oh. mah. word. 

i don't know if i will ever want to eat store bought again. there is a smoothness to the flavor of the home grown. the store bought has a sharpness to it that is hard to explain. i am so excited to be having home grown asparagus for the next 14 years...


The Real Mother Hen said...

They are SO tall! Gosh, look like bamboos :)

Jack K. said...


Good show. Your grandpa is proud of you. And so are we.

Love ya.

Lily said...

Love them too, but mine are NOT home grown.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Shannon! I'm with ya!!! Nothing like fresh out of the garden asparagus... or anything else for that matter! (: Congrats on your lovely garden plot! We just got back from PDX (well, Newberg actually) and the birth of our little sweetie! And the weather cooperated too! (: xxxVicki