Saturday, October 17, 2009

hello there stranger

time has passed. funny how it does that.

1. i went to california to visit my sister, her husband and my 5 month old nephew last weekend. i was in heaven. from the moment he laid eyes on me E got a huge grin on his face and his eyes lit up. i am sure my face did the same.

2. i am surprised the kid isn't chapped from head to toe since i kissed every single inch of him multiple times. he didn't seem to mind. in fact, he giggled everytime i gave his belly zerburts. but then again, who wouldn't?

3. i came home to an extremely clean house. it has promptly gone down hill. i've worked every single day since getting home, some days were 10+ hour days. i promise to clean it tomorrow.

4. i am chugging along on the next sweater/shell i am knitting myself, but have to set it down now to work on the blanket once more. i didn't want to take the gift with me because it would spoil the surprise and it has gotten too big to be a traveling project.

5. our old tv finally died. kev did research and found us a new tv at a great deal. it's puuuuurrrrrty!

6. i don't have a sixth thing in my mind right now, but it's my favorite number so... 6!


mishiesmom said...

Welcome back. Missed you. Glad you enjoyed your trip. And the house will wait.

Jack K. said...

Welcome back, indeed.

Can you guess which photo of Eli is on my desktop?

His blue eyes are focused on a camera, I believe.

He looks good in a blue knit cap.

His smile is so beguiling. I just love him.

What great photo to get my spirits soaring again.


Love ya,


Lily said... come I don't get anymore pictures of E.? I am feeling very left out.
I owe you an e-mail I know!
So glad you got to visit and hug and kiss the little fellow!
Love you.

kanishk said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip. And the house will wait. Work from home India