Thursday, October 29, 2009

a post of eclectic

i am looking forward to what today holds. i will be zipping between stores a bit, but also going to ellington to look at the purses again. i went last week, but honestly didn't get to dig in the bags and really inspect them as i would have liked. my rep is a lovely woman, but it was hard to really play when she was there. don't know why that was. ah well, at least their store is open weekly and i can go anytime i want. :)

the dog is driving me batshit crazy. she will guard her breakfast for a while before finally settling down and eating it. she acts as though i am the meanest person in the world when i make her go out to potty before she's eaten. she tucks her tail a little and acts like i'm scolding her. i try to keep my voice upbeat and free of the annoyance i am feeling, but somehow she knows.

for some reason simon allowed us to sleep until the alarm sounded this morning. not sure what's up with that cat. he hasn't used his voice much at all today. not that i am complaining because the other one, chloe, is taking up the slack for him. whine whine whine as she sits behind me, staring at my head.

the rains have arrived. how can i tell, besides the drops of water falling from the sky? people aren't out and about. it always happens each year when they return. we forget what it's like to have rain and we freak out, hiding inside. this will change after a couple of weeks and we realize it's not going anywhere.

kev has to work on halloween. i don't think i am going to hand out candy. i just don't need it in my house and last year we didn't get all that many kids. and honestly, kids don't need the candy either... i think i may go hang with the neighbors. i suppose i should make sure they are down with that idea. i do have a party we got invited to, but i'm not sure i am going to go.

i have signed up at this site called that my sister told me about. it's pretty cool. you make reservations, they give you points. the points turn into $$ you can spend at participating restaurants. pretty neat, huh? i also signed up at to help save money for my dear little nephew's college fund. i've got a total savings of $7.38 thus far!! :) it makes me feel good contributing to his future.

knitting is coming along and i have only a couple more blocks to make for the blanket i'm doing for my dear little nephew. it's pretty exciting, really. i am hoping to have it down to them mid december at the latest, although part of me is thinking i should wait and send it down with my parents when they go down after xmas. we'll see how much space they will have. i just fear it getting lost in the mail. and since that voice is calling, perhaps i should listen and ask mom and dad. :)

work is calling...must go in now.


Jack K. said...

Hope your day turned out better than it started. Not that it started that badly, but a dog and cat that may have reversed roles can be quite puzzling, and upsetting. lol

Love ya,


The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh I haven't checked in for a while, and I'm just glad to see that you're doing well, I mean, at least you sound well and upbeat in this post :)

kanishk said...

Not that it started that badly, but a dog and cat that may have reversed roles can be quite puzzling, and upsetting. Work from home India