Monday, September 28, 2009

the type of people we live near

we went to get in our car yesterday morning. i noticed something on the roof. at first glance it looked like a dead bird. at second glance we realized it was just a dead birds head.

sent text to neighbors: "tell your cats thanks for the gift of the bird head on our car"

sign on porch when we returned from the coast:


Have you seen our beloved Chirpie?
Our parapelegic daughter's bird Chirpie escaped last night.
Last seen flying into a tree at (intersection where i live).
My wife gave Chirpie to my daughter last Christmas. An allergic
reaction to the bird killed her mom and now all little Collette has is
Chirpie. She hasn't stopped crying since last night.
Have you seen Chirpie?
Bob (and a fake number)"


Monika said...

You must have a lot of fun with your neighbours. :o)

mishiesmom said...

What can be said to that?

Jack K. said...

There are weird folks everywhere.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Strange folks abound!
How does your garden go? Hope you're having a great fall. Its beginning to feel like fall down here.