Tuesday, September 15, 2009

and breathe

i am finally getting to sit for a little bit today. it's nice.

so, what's been going on? you wonder. well, work. and life.

i've not caught myself thinking about writing as much lately. sometimes i get an idea running through my head, but more times than not i forget it by the time i get to sit in front of my computer. and then i get sucked into other things that obviously are more demanding of my attention. but when i get a quiet moment, when i am alone upstairs, my muse sometimes visits.

sadly, now is not one of those times. i just wanted to pop in and say hello. hope all is going well with you all. will write when i can and when i have things to say.

until then, be well.


Jack K. said...

And I thought that I was the only one whom the muse had deserted.

Oh well, I can always look at FaceBook entries. It is easy to click like. lol

btw, I looked at Jenn's photos and saw the green, flowered vases. They are beautiful. I couldn't make a comment there.

Jack K. said...

Breathing is good. lol

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Shannon~ I can say "ditto ditto" to what you wrote here! I don't know why I think at the beginning of each summer that I will have more time... its always the opposite! LOL Taking time to breathe is good. I'm glad you got a few minutes. Vicki

Becky said...

I feel the same way. I think of all these ideas in my head and I either forget them or feel overwhelmed when it comes down to sit down and actually write more than a sentence about them.