Tuesday, June 30, 2009

found one!

being a lighter shade of blond, it is hard to really see if/when i've got grey hair. well, this morning, i found my first...

i've always thought when it happens, it will come in rather white grey. it seems as though those thoughts may be true. it looks rather light, doesn't it?!?

honestly, i feel like celebrating! it's a lovely shade of grey.

can you see it? it even has a little bit of body to it! eep!!


k said...

I started seeing my greys some in earlier this year and I'm SOOOOO excited! I'm considering colouring my hair a little darker so they'll show up more :) Most ppl think I'm insane--I'm glad I'm not alone in my grey celebration!

Jack K. said...

Celebrating your true self is so cool. Grey hair can be part of that. Actually, the way you deal with such things is more important.

I appreciate my greyness. The beginning of thinning is another thing to rejoice about. lol

You are so cool.

Love ya,


Becky said...

THat's pretty cool that you're so calm about it :) I've had a few greys poking through for a couple of years now, but the color hides them nicely (being a brunette, they really stick out!).