Friday, May 22, 2009

thank you garden

i got to harvest some spinach tonight. the first of hopefully many. there wasn't a whole bowlful, so it was lucky i had some more in the fridge we bought when mom and dad were here, but what i had was amazing. so meaty yet tender.

i look forward to more from our garden this summer. we've gotten our beans and corn planted as well as potatoes (not sure if it's too late or not to plant those, so we'll see). all nine of the asparagus crowns i planted have sprouted, just about half are ferning out (which is necessary to allow happen as to strengthen the root systems). our broccoli hasn't put up any buds yet, but all six plants are looking healthy.

our garlic will be ready to come out right around july. i am looking forward to it because we have none left from last year's harvest.

thank you, garden.


Jack K. said...

Your Granpa would be so proud, as are we. Who knew you would take to gardening.

Love ya,


mishiesmom said...

I'm so jealous. Looks like I get to plant tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying your spinach.