Friday, May 08, 2009

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i took my mamasita-in-law to the airport this morning. i told her that next time, she better plan on more than two full days book-ended by travel days. i would have no more of it! i want to see her for longer. she's a pretty fantastic lady.

let's see, a recap of our events:

tuesday i picked her up at the airport. jill came with, which was a surprise for mamasita. the three of us headed to dots for lunch (yum) and then we dropped jill off at home and got the tour. mamasita loved it, with good reason. the two of us headed home and kev arrived shortly after we got in. he brought an unbaked pizza home from work for dinner. that will happen again in the future for sure! quite possibly the best pizza i've ever had. (yes dad, i'll put in the request to him now) but before we had dinner we walked over to north (bar) and had dollar pabst with one of kev's friends from his last job. it was really fun.

on wednesday we went to sweetness bakery, oh mah gawd! and while there we decided to go to the japanese garden, despite the fact it was a little drizzly. the gardens were gorgeous, even when the rain picked up. afterwards we went to mother's bistro for our anniversary lunch. yum! i had a bowl of stuffed potato soup with a salad. then the three of us shared a dessert. from there we headed to ikea, since mamasita is not near one where she lives in arkansas. that evening we went to the stone for our anniversary dinner. it was the perfect low key night.

thursday we got up and decided to go on a light hike in the gorge. such beauty. josie was thrilled to be along for the fun. well, until the skies opened up and dumped on us. big, fat, juicy rain drops. we were all soaked by the time we got back to the car. hungry, too! we grabbed lunch on our way to the house (one of the rare times i will eat fast food, and it was burgerville so not as bad as some). after we all were clean and dry we ran to the grocery store as well as target and tuesday morning. we got things so i could make lasagna, which turned out really good.

this morning we just got up and ate a light breakfast at the house before having to get her off to the airport. i am sad she's not here tonight. i missed her the moment i woke up this morning.

love you mamasita! i'm serious about next time lady!!


Jack K. said...

Sounds as though you had a terrific time. But, then, how could you not?

Peg is a delightful person and a pleasure to be around.

You did make the most of your time together. Even getting caught in a downpour can be a wonderful adventure.

If you insist I will go along with the pizza idea. snerx. lol

We have been so busy here I have not had much time to do much blogging. Or, picture taking for that matter. I hope to get caught up today, but....

It won't be much longer and we will be driving into your driveway.

Our love to all,


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

hope you guys will all have areally good time!!!
thanks for your mail!

Becky said...

Sounds like a nice time that you had together! I find myself in a similar position when visiting some of my family in that I spend a full day getting there and back.

The Real Mother Hen said...

That sure sounds fun!
I like the Japanese garden too... and a hike in the gorge, oh that's awesome.
Don't forget all the wonderful breweries in PDX too. Love them all.

Anonymous said...


Finally got into your Blog. Thank you for all of your sweet comments and the breakdown of my trip to you and Kev's home. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with you and Kev. Thanks for invite to stay longer. Love and miss you, Mamasita Peg