Tuesday, May 05, 2009

in a few hours

i got an email this morning from my mother-in-law (let's call her mamasita). it was two lines...

"on plane. see you soon."

i can hardly wait until 11:20 for that is when i will be standing in the airport waiting for one of the most amazing women i've ever met. she jokes that "what woman would want her mother-in-law visiting during their anniversary?" well, without her, i wouldn't be having an anniversary. i mean, she did give birth to kevin...

mamasita, this woman wants you visiting for her anniversary! i can't imagine a better gift!


Jack K. said...

Give Peg our love.

Have a great anniversary. I'm sure we will do something special for the occasion when we arrive.

Just finished some shopping for Eli and some gardening for the parents.

They are doing just fine, but are constantly exhausted.

Take care.

Love ya,


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

sounds really nice!