Wednesday, February 18, 2009


sometimes you have to take advantage of the days you are given. today was just that type of day for us. the house got picked up and dusted this morning, while it was still chilly and grey outside. but just as the weather reporters predicted, it was sunny and lovely by this afternoon. kevin took josie on a walk while i finished getting cleaned up myself. we ate leftover baked penne with shrimp and scallops for lunch, i gorged on the leftover broccoli. and then we walked over to the garden center to get seeds.

we were lucky enough to get over to the center while there was still a few asparagus crowns left. we put our five into the bag and wandered the rows a bit more. we asked about broccoli starts and were told to keep on checking back in the next week or so. we picked up some seeds, though. butter lettuce, romaine, corn, red onion, spinach, and some cat grass kevin says he will grow for the duo. we'll see.

anyway, as i was putting the receipt in the pile to file, i got to thinking how for just a little bit more than $20.00 we will have vegetables for a good portion of the summer (hopefully our success last year was not a fluke). we are going to also plant potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and zuchinni.

it's a gift, being able to grow our own food.


WandaWoman said...

Yes, it really is a gift!
And on your other post, I definitely think you should leave the vacuuming to Kev! (heehee)

Jack K. said...

I understand that a vacuum is really a power tool. That should do the trick.

I can hardly wait to see how the garden is coming along when we come up there this year.

Love ya,


Monika said...

Reading your post I miss my veggie garden back in the old house. Zucchini always were like weed, more than we could eat. Everything else tasted 100times better than store bought. Good luck!

mishiesmom said...

Oh there is nothing like picking a veggie right before dinner. I've been thinking it was time to buy seed myself.