Friday, October 31, 2008

a week in the life

Sunday: day off. start the finishing touches in kitchen. apply first coat of matte black paint to ugly brass light fixture. take jill out to lunch as a thanks for helping.

Monday: day off. install trim in kitchen. grout. apply another coat of paint to light fixture. go to friends house and play mahjong. win one game. go home. sleep.

Tuesday: back at work. get the mail and everything ready for boss's return home. speak to boss after he's landed in chicago. make boss laugh. boss is very sleep deprived. go to bar friend works at and have dinner and drinks with more friends. go home. sleep

Wednesday: work. write checks. visit with boss (who is at work at an early time of 8:00). go home. rearrange furniture in bedrooms and living room. do this in the three hours between the time i get home and time i have to leave for knit night. go to knit night. eat chili...mmmm, yummy chili. get my knit on with my foul mouthed knitter friends. laugh a lot. go home. sleep.

Thursday: make appointment for dog at vet (6 month check up). work. call potential employees to set up interviews. meet a/c guy downtown. climb through some poor girl's office window to access our a/c unit on the roof. watch as a/c guy disassembles unit. take field trip with a/c guy and his wife (our former employee) to check if we need a new motor as he predicted. find out it's electrical. must call different a/c guy to come out and figure it out. take stills of thief from day before. jackass. get home in time to go to friends pumpkin carving party. drink vodka and cranberry (with a splash of tonic). carve pumpkin before drinking too many of those (although i made them really weak...shhhh!!). light candles in pumpkins on friend's front stoop. oooh and ahhhh. go home, taking pumpkins with. sleep.

Today: work. I am going to call the a/c people about our unit and getting it fixed. I know, you're wondering why we're having it fixed now, with winter coming. Well the store is a little hot box and I don't want my staff to bake. I also have paychecks to write. Tonight we're invited to two parties, but I am still on the fence about going. I want to hand out candy in the hood here because last year we got kids coming by!! Kev is thinking after the candy delivery we could go, but the parties are in Northeast and North Portland (about a 35 minute drive away). On any other night, I'd be there. But this week has been chock full (read above) and an evening at home sounds perfect to me...we'll see.


StarSpry said...

You've been very busy! Good luck with the a/c!

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a great evening, whatever you decide to do :)

Jack K. said...

I reckon we'll find out your decision by phone tomorrow.

You did have a very busy week.

We had quite a few kids come by our house last night. Some of them were so cute. Particularly the littler ones.

We even had a couple carrying a baby. The kiddo couldn't have been much older than 3-4 months. It had the cutest smile complete with twinkling eyes.