Saturday, September 06, 2008

thanks mom and dad

Mom and I have been talking about our kitchen reno (which is so near complete I can almost see it). I told her that we were wanting to get a new set of dishes since ours were cracking and now didn't look right with the space. She spoke of going to a few places, but there was one that we had coupons we found them there.

I couldn't wait to get them in the dishwasher so I could use them. I've already eaten dinner off of one of the plates and I'm letting a bowl cool so I can have some ice cream.

Thank you Mom and Dad. Christmas came early today. We love you both!


Jack K. said...

You are quite welcome. We look forward to dining on this fine dinnerware.

Hope the ice cream was tasty.

Love ya,


WandaWoman said...

Pretty dishes! Yay for parents!

Monika said...

A few years ago I had enough of our plates etc. So many years eaten of the same old things, and they didn't seem to crack or damage in any way. So I decided it was time to put them away, and get some new ones. It feels so good to have a change. You new dishes look awesome! I LOVE bowls in all sizes and forms.

StarSpry said...

Very nice! Really pretty dishes :)

bronxbt said...

nice dishes!
i know the feeling too, my gal and i picked some up at a store months ago and made a special dinner to actually eat ON them the first time... it looked marvelous, and of course was super (supper?) yummers...

obsessive? naw. jes'diggin' em i guess!