Wednesday, September 10, 2008

better beans

This morning as I was attempting to put together a lunch that would be substantial enough I looked outside at my garden. I had 20 minutes before I needed to leave to get to work on time. What could I pick to take with?! BEANS! I ran out, grabbed a handful and came in to boil them.

I just opened the container of beans and ate one. I swear, our whole garden could be green beans and I'd be happy. They are the perfect side for so many dishes. Right now I'm eating leftover ravioli and a green bean is perfection alongside.

I know I can't shut up about these damn beans, but let me expand on why they are tastier than those you find at the grocery store...

They squeak when you eat them. Not a crunch, like they are undercooked, but squeak. They are firm as you bite into them. The aroma they make as they cook (both boiling and steaming) is heavenly. Enough to wake Kev out of his slumber this morning, actually.

And now...they are all in my belly.

1 comment:

Jack K. said...

You just have to brag about them, don't you.

Are you trying to make the rest of us jealous?

Keep on teasing us, but there better be some for Thanksgiving, or who knows what will happen.

It isn't nice to make your father envious. snerx.

I can hardly wait.

Love ya,