Saturday, July 05, 2008

cuz i like lists

1. Pick a paint color and paint
2. Cut trim, stain and install
3. Attach door and drawer pulls to cabinetry
4. Find dresser to use as a microwave stand
5. Have table and bench made
6. Hang vessels in some artistic way (these really cool orb things from Ikea)
7. Remove shelves to left of cabinets over stove to make space for cookbooks (best idea ever, Jill!)
8. Get new dishes (donate old)
9. Get new flatware (donate old)

Enjoy the hell out of the kitchen

Perhaps not in that exact order


shannon said...

At last, we are in Lille with Sophie and Emmanuel. It is good to see them again. They send their love.

Your kitchen is coming along nicely.

More from us when return next wweek.



(I moved your comment to this post, Dad, since I ended up deleting the other one and I love your words, always)

Jack K. said...




bronxbt said...

love the hardware on the cabinets! i'm still having pangs for my old redesigned kitchen... booo hoo!

yours look fantastic.