Thursday, July 03, 2008

carnage and orts

We had an amazing, albeit not the healthiest, dinner last night.

And it was gooooo-oood! I decided to add nothing to the butter. We had three between the two of us.

My question is this though, where to artichokes fall in the world of food. It's not a vegetable, is it? I mean, it's sold in produce sections of grocery stores, but it really is a flower bud.

We're going to head down to Aurora today to take a look at an old dresser that, if it meets expectations, it will be coming home with us to use in the kitchen for the microwave and storing all the tuberware, etc. I am hopeful that it will make it home with us.

We also have to go to Ikea to exchange one handle I purchased for the cabinets. We decided to hang them differently than I'd imagined so the larger will work on the door.

After Ikea, we must go to a hardware store to get the screws for affixing the handles to the cabinet doors in the kitchen. I think we also have spoken of getting more paint chips since Kev's not a fan of the one I am in love with. We'll see if we find any others that grab my attention even more. We must get a miter box as well, to cut the trim we have to finish off some edges. Already have the stain to match the cabinets we have.

When we get home from these adventures, we must do something to help our shasta daisies stand upright (they are all so tall...almost as tall as I am...and are falling over). We also have to clean the hell out of the house. It's gotten a wee bit messy with the kitchen reno happening. Now that we're nearing the painting time, we must get it under control.

We woke last night to the most beautiful and loud thunder/lightening storm. Josie didn't even blink. I was amazed as I lay there in bed watching the light show, listening to the thunder following closely behind. It was just like being back in the midwest. Probably the biggest thunder storm we have had since moving here 8 years ago!

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bronxbt said...

soo jealous of your dinner. flower or not, it's all about the eatn's!

we had and still HAVE the thunder, lightening and showers. my gal hates them, i loves them, and the dogs.. well, they feel the same way she does.

the big retarded "catch" decided to curl up next to me last night and hide. he's huge, so that was ugly and drooly...


p.s. my gal is ikea's #1 fan, so yer officially #1 in her book. she even bought the ikea SIMS expansion pack for her game. oi vey.