Sunday, July 20, 2008

the awesome power?

One would think that if the scent of freshly baked *blueberry muffins was wafting through the house that it would wake all that were still sleeping with its siren call.

One might even think if that scent was sent via text message that the recipients would text back immediately saying, 'yes! Yes! YES! Please I would love some.'

However, none of the three men whom were accosted by the scent or offering up of these amazing blueberry muffins (still haven't taken a bite, but they smell damn good) have stirred or responded. I suppose they are all lazy and still in bed? It is Sunday.

It's okay, really. I plan on taking the boys across the street some anyway. I just figured Ian's drapes were open and Bret should be waking soon. Kevin's sleeping through the actual scent though, it's a little mind boggling. Although he did get home rather late last night. He played Halo 3 with a friend while the girls all went to see Aimee Mann. What a great show. What a great night. Thanks, girls!

Blind Pilot opened for Aimee. They are a local band here in Portland and this makes me happy. Because I will have more opportunities to see them again. And they make me happy. I love finding new music. I don't seek it out often, but when I stumble upon someone, it makes me...well, happy.

Hope everyone has been having a lovely weekend. I know we have. We're going to be heading to Jill and Mark's in a few hours for a late lunch.

*if they turn out as good as they smell, i will direct you all to the link where i found the recipe.

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Terrie D. (StarSpry) said...

Mmmmm...I love blueberry muffins! Glad you had fun at the Aimee Mann concert.