Saturday, June 28, 2008

phase i don't know

This just in...

Jill came over this morning and we tiled. We tiled like the fabulous women we are! We tiled like there was no tomorrow. We tiled and talked of our day tomorrow, which will include grout.

It's nearing an end. Well, it's nearing it's next resting point.

According to my calculations we still have to grout, seal the tile one more time, finish replacing the drawer and door pulls, stain and install some quarter round to finish of certain edges, paint, get the new table and bench made, possibly have a cabinet made for by the fridge for the microwave and extra storage (or find a really cool dresser that would fit the bill), and get new lighting for over the table and the back door. Really, not much left...right?


k said...

Oh Shanny, the tile looks amazing!! What a great job you did, and it must feel wonderful to look at it and know you did it yourself! I can't wait to see the rest of your projects.

So sorry to hear about Hazel, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it relly looks good. You folks do great work. Can hardly wait to The folks here in Marsannay are impresed, too.



Anonymous said...



Adrianne said...

Looks really good. I like the color choices.

Tanya L. Crenshaw said...

Gamma phase?

It looks fantastic!!

bronxbt said...

oh shannykins!
loooooks incredible! yay!

*i'm doing the happeh dance for you!*

can't wait to see the finished piece!


Becky said...

That looks so nice!

Monika said...

Great work!