Thursday, April 10, 2008

the life of simon

I sat down with my knitting this morning. Remember that fast post yesterday when Josie demanded I play with her (and since she plays so infrequently I normally drop everything when she asks/demands)?

Anyway, I set it down to poke around online a little while ago. After answering several emails, getting lost on Ravelry, posting to my animal group...I decided I would like to sit down again and knit more. You know, get a little bit further before my friend Jenn comes over tonight. So she can be wowed again. :)

Yeah, Simon just makes it hard for me to do anything:

I hate to move him, but I think I may just have to. I know when I wear this sweater, I can always expect to have a cat on me whenever I sit down. This is a good thing!!

1 comment:

Monika said...

What is it with cats and wooly things? :o) So cute! I think I would cast on for another project, just so you can knit when you want, and leave the cat be. :o)