Friday, April 11, 2008


I got the call yesterday from my Mom. Grandma Sam passed away. She was a hard person to get close to, but I loved her none the less. She had great stories of times past. From her days as a traveling sales person (when women did NOT do that kind of job) to talking of flying up on her broomstick to see me so we could have champagne and caviar. I will miss her.

It's hard to imagine that she's not there anymore. That constant. I can still hear her voice in my ears. I can still see that vibrant red hair. I can still feel her with me.


Darrrel said...

Aw man...very sorry to hear that. Maybe you should get a bit o' caviar, a bottle of champagne, sit on your broom tonight (side saddle of course) and dedicate a toast to Grandma Sam.

p.s. on a happier note, I added yer blog to my links pal.

StarSpry said...

I'm so very sorry about your loss!

bronxbt said...

sooo sorry to hear of your loss.
from the stories of her from yer dad's site, it sounds like she was in good hands tho, eh?

much lurve to you and yours..

Jack K. said...

She was one of a kind.

She lived her life on her own terms.

She died the same way.

Love ya,


Monika said...

My sympathies! Sorry for your loss.

PlazaJen said...

My sympathies to you & your family. Your dad's words are so comforting!

Becky said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, Shannon. She will always be with you.