Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the power of pie

The past few days have been beautiful. And luckily for me I got to get out of work a bit earlier yesterday and enjoy some of it.

I love when it starts to get warm again. Even if we know it will be a little burst of beauty before heading down the drain to the world of cold soon again (we get about two weeks of teaser weather before it plummets into cold and rain again for another month). The neighborhood starts to come to life. Not only in the pretty daffodils and crocuses that are blooming, but the humans come out, too.

Anyway, yesterday I was out chatting with my neighbor Brett while he was out cleaning up his yard. Ian, his tenant, was helping with his chainsaw. Seriously what is it about chainsaws?! Anyway, Brett tells me I should ask Ian to give me a quote on taking out four (what turned out to be five) red thorn bushes. Ian has his own landscape business. He's rarely home before dark.

Ian walks over and takes a look at them. He looks up and asks, "Do you ever bake cookies?" I tell him not only do I bake cookies, but I bake pies. His eyebrows raise as he says, "I like pies." I ask him what kind he would like and he said, "any." So for the price of an apple pie, those bushes were removed.


Monika said...

That's a nice deal! :o) Our neighbour started removing snow from our driveway with his truck, just out of the blue, this winter. It couldn't have been a better time, and my son took over a bottle of wine, and a chat.

k said...

how on earth do you ever find this sort of deal? never happens to me!

of course, we don't talk to any of our neighbours. seems no one here hangs out outside (their houses, anyway--I think they're off 4 wheeling or hiking or mt. biking!)...and even fewer people do their own yardwork!

bronxbt said...

i would paint your house, mow your lawn and babysit all of your petz for a blueberry pie...

.. for the record



Terrie D. (StarSpry) said...

Sounds like a good deal to me :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like you came out ahead in that deal!