Friday, March 14, 2008

oh baby i'm so tired

Wow, even though I am only having to work 3-6 on the floor today (I did start in the office) I am exhausted. I feel as though the wind has just been removed from my sails.

Our travel yesterday was fine. Nothing too crazy, although note to self: remember to take more than one small knitting project on next plane ride. We did crosswords together in a book that has both hard and medium puzzles, but we never know which we are starting because they aren't in any kind of order. We worked well together. Each knowing most of what the other didn't.

We had a blast with Kev's dad and step-mom. Too many desserts, though! Must eat like a rabbit this weekend.

We had our friends pick us up at the airport and we took them out to dinner after dropping our stuff at the house. They had gone and gotten Josie at the vet's office, too (where we boarded her). She was thrilled to A. see us and B. be back in her home. I think the next trip we take together, we'll have a friend come stay at the house. Especially since she hasn't been leaking for quite some time now. My friend has already said she'd be down with the idea.

I only have an hour and a half left at work, but it might as well be two days. I will have Sunday off, before working the floor for five days. It will be fine, though. None are 8 hour shifts.

So yeah, we were off in a sunny place visiting people we love and eating too many sweets.

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Jack K. said...

glad to know you had such a great time in Phoenix.

Love ya,