Saturday, September 08, 2007

sometimes i succumb

Last night Kev was a wee bit later than he originally told me he'd be home. I'd decided (alone) that we would go out to dinner to celebrate the things that have gotten done to the house thus far. I also felt as though I was doing all of the organizing of it all so I deserved to be taken out to dinner.

I called to ask him if 7:30 had become 6:30 and he informed me he'd made tentative plans with a friend. I neglected to really hear the word TENTATIVE and instantly got my feelings hurt. I mean, he should know that I had plans instinctually...yeah, right.

I told him I was a bit hurt by the news, but it would be fine. I just was wanting to have dinner with him, that's all. He said he still had to eat before he possibly met up with his friend and we could go to our favorite Mexican place (which is closer now to our new house!!!). I moped a little but said fine.

We went, ate, talked. I apologized for being a giant baby about things, but that I felt I was doing all the leg work for getting stuff done. He thanked me (again) for getting it all set up. We laughed and smiled and were fine.

He ended up not catching up with his buddy. The guy didn't answer the phone when Kev called (the plan was for Kev to call him later in the evening). So at 9:30 he announced he was turning off his phone.

Why do I succumb to being petty and stupid? It has been a long time since Kev's gone out with his pals. Why can't I just remember that and tell him to have fun and be careful? I always tell him to be careful, even though he has never shown me he's not.


-R- said...

It is hard when you make plans and find out that your significant other has other plans. But it sounds like you were reasonable. AND you still got to have Mexican food! =)

Becky said...

I think it's just hard when you don't really have any notice of it, so you get an idea in your head of what you'd like to do together. I'm that way as well. I told Ted that I don't care if he goes out with the buddies, but I'd prefer some notice so that I can make my own plans. When you live together (or are married), it's a normal assumption that you're going to be spending the evening together. Or, maybe my Type A personality is coming out? :)