Sunday, August 26, 2007

a whole ant colony

I am wearing a dress today in the hopes of getting rid of that ants in my pants feeling of the past few days. Ever since we got locked in I've been antsy. I want it to be the 17th today. I know it's only three weeks away and that time will go quickly, but I'm ready now. I'm sure that Greg (buyer of our home) is ready for it, too. Even though we close on the littlest gem on the 14th, we are renting back until the 18th. And even though we are closing on the 17th, we're not sure what time and have decided to give ourselves until the 18th to move.

We keep going and looking at the photos. We are planning on taking our camera with us on Wed. so we can get more. I'm wondering if Nancy has started packing yet, like we have. We decided to make the sewing room the box room for the next few weeks. That meant I had to pack it all up. I've just got a few things on the walls and some speakers to box up. Then we can tackle the rest of the house. I can hardly believe we are already packing!

My parents have gotten their tickets to come already. Mom wastes no time! They are here Oct 2-12. This will give us a couple of weeks in the house to paint and such. They'll help rip out a couple of plants outside that cover the front as well as whatever we haven't done inside.

Yeah, the attempt to shake those ants isn't will hopefully get my mind off of everything. Sure.


Jack K. said...

Your current adventures have given me some great examples for my class. The folks here wish you well in your move.

We are looking forward to seeing you in October. It should be fun trimming bushes and other plants.

Love ya,


-R- said...

The new kitchen looks really cool. I love the little shelves attached to the cabinets. Good luck with your move. I would be antsy too!

Monika said...

I know the feeling! Imagine, my husband lived in Canada for 8 month before we could follow him! I was soooooooooo ready for it! I could hardly stand it. ;o)

shannon said...

thanks, all! we are really quite excited (as you can imagine i am sure). at least work is keeping me occupied (and my mind busy with all this training of the newbies)! :)