Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The linen closet is packed. The only thing left in it is a round, orange cat. I have also packed up the odds and ends left in my sewing room. I'm done for the night. A little each day and it'll be done before we know it. Kev's working close tonight so it's just me in the house. I went to the store and got some much needed kitty litter and figured I would pick up some beer while I was at it. I'm glad I did.

It's a little sad, packing up our first home. It's been a great place for us. We've gotten to be "real adults" setting up house, paying a mortgage, painting the walls whatever color we want. I will miss it. But of course, the new house is NEW and exciting and amazing. It's the dream house I never realized I dreamed about. It's got a little less room on the main floor as we have in our little gem here, but it does have a basement with much possibility. Of course there is already a finished off part which makes us smile. I'm figuring with putting the tv downstairs, I may just not be the potato I can be. I see myself outside, tending to the garden and enjoying the out of doors much more than I do here. I just have to keep pinching myself to make sure this is all really happening.

Kev took Josie over there for a walk on Sunday. He said that there were people out, saying hello to the two of them, smiling. Two kids asked if they could pet Josie (great parenting!!!) and when it was time for he and she to move on they said goodbye in unison. He loves the new area. He said it was like there was an invisible line and as soon as he crossed it, it was quiet. Everyone cares for their houses. They have pride in their lawns and gardens. They are happy and smiling and talking with each other. THAT is what I want. That sense of community.

But what I am most excited for? My family and friends to come over and see the house for the first time. Their reaction. The looks on their faces. THAT is what I'm really excited for. Sure living in the house will be amazing and wonderful and fabulous, I have no doubt. BUT it is the look of "WOW!" that I expect will cross their faces upon first entering that I most anticipate.

I am taking my camera tomorrow with us to the inspection. I will hopefully get some shots that are different than the ones most of you have seen (those who followed the link and plugged in the mls number). I am interested in seeing how much she's already packed up. They had many years worth of things to pack. I wonder if her partner came back or she's just got friends coming to help her.

We'll see tomorrow, how much work she's done.


Jack K. said...

We finally went to the Google satellite map to see the Clinton Street house that will soon be your new home. The blue roof made it very easy to spot.

woot, woot.

We can hardly wait to see it in person. We even bought some new garden work gloves for our trip. We know you will have lots of gardening/landscaping, etc., chores for us.

I tried to do a direction map from your current house, but it kept taking me from SE 87th Avenue, and that didn't look correct on the map. I remembered it a little differently.

What is the name of that big street that is two houses away from your house?

Love ya,


Jack K. said...

Disregard the previous question. I did another map search for your current address and realized that it was Holgate. I was looking at the map from a different set of eyes.

Monika said...

How well I understand what you are feelign right now. Before we moved to Canada I had two guys from a moving company who helped me pack up all our stuff, that was a strange feeling. Even though I could easily move away from here, I could NOT face packing up all our stuff again. I think I would have a nervous break down. I don't have a problem with unpacking though. ;o) IT's nice that you found such a nice community. Where we live, not many say hallo, and kids don't talk to strangers, not even neighbours. Everybody's just living in their house, on their property, go to work, and that's it. Not very welcoming.