Wednesday, August 22, 2007

my brain hurts

Well, I went out this morning with Alia and looked at 15 houses. Two are contenders, two others have potential. Eleven were NO!

I am jazzed about one a bit more than the other contender, but am waiting to see what Kev thinks when we go out tomorrow.

I swear, being a home buyer is so much better than a seller!!! Although I am pleased with how quickly our house sold. In the grand scheme, it's all about pricing correctly for the market, staging well, and burying St. Joseph!

We got the information back from the inspection and only have a few things the buyer is asking us to do. No biggie. Electrician has been called and will be here on the 12th of September in the morning. Contractor will be out soon to take a look at a broken window and check out the furnace flue (?). We are thinking the inspector means the furnace venting pipe, but we've got a call out about that. Not sure. If anyone out there knows what "replace flue" means in a home that does NOT have a fireplace, comment to me baby!!

Okay, must run off to yoga. YEA!

Oh and Becky, not sleeping much better because of work stuff now. :) Here's to hoping everything settles down FAST!!!


Jack K. said...
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Jack K. said...

As you might expect, I do have an idea about the furnace flue. Do you remember that one apartment you had in Lawrence? When we checked the hot water heater the flue (tubing from the top of the water heater that went through the roof) had a gap due to the worn duct tape. You had the landlord repair it. If it is not operating properly there is a hazard of carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is usually an easy fix. At the worst, all of the flue may need replacing. At the least, only a small portion of it may need replacing. Who knows, maybe all it needs is strategically placed duct tape.

Glad to learn of the results of your adventure. We had a great time last evening viewing the properties you had focused on. We look forward to more, and the final selection.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

you really must begin supplying your fans with MLS #'s so we can enjoy this hunt with you...


wiggle wiggle


k said...

yeah! what Bronx said!

wow. 15 houses in one morning? that's just...a lot. I think we looked at 4 or 5 in one day when we were looking in OKC and that was WAY too many.

Oh! And I got PaRappa the Rapper for the PSP yesterday. Haven't played it yet, but I'm sure it's every bit as good as it looked when I was in Portland last. :D

Unknown said...

Aaack -- we'll, hopefully we'll both be sleeping better in the next couple of weeks:)