Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Got too rich for my blood.

Depression has set in.

Ah well.


PlazaJen said...

ooooh dang. The beautiful thing about eBay is, at least, there's gonna be another one..... and that one will be meant to be!

Jack K. said...

plazajen has a good point.

bronxbt said...

or it's the last one on earth and it's next destination is the smithsonian museum because the stitch count and threads where peruvian and so rare that liiiittle teeny silkworms were coaxed with warm butter and honey to make the finest materials ever known in order to create a purse so great... so wonderful.. so divine that it threatens the replace the holy grail itself of handbags which could only mean one thing....

yeah... PJean and Jack are prolly right.

i mean.. c'mon... silkworms don't like butter... everyone knows that.