Wednesday, May 23, 2007

maybe baby

I'm kind of thinking that Dad likes Josie and she feels the same way. She's a funny one with him. In the beginning she was a bit unsure of him, keeping her head down but her eyes on him. And then he chucked her cheeks. Anytime he'd sit down, she'd be near.

I also had to laugh because I would catch Mom scritching on Josie's head as well. While talking to her in a sweet voice. Now my mom has not been a real dog person ever. They had guard dogs on the farm, but family pets...not so much. I grew up with cats, of which they still have one. I think, however, Josie is so much like a cat at times that she is growing on my mom.

It was a wonderful visit with them. We got a few things done around the house to get it ready to list. We're not super close to listing, as in next week, but we are getting things taken care of little by little. We've already gotten a pile started at our friends house in their garage. I've got a meeting with a guy in a few minutes to talk about painting our eaves. My boss set it up, it's a friend of his. I am sure we will get quite a deal...


PlazaJen said...

awwww. that's a great picture.

Jack K. said...

Josie is a great cat.