Monday, March 12, 2007

i'm a gatherer

This morning at 8:00 Josie and I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Amy. I was informed at the first appointment, two weeks ago, that they couldn't get her to go peep and could I bring a specimen in with me. Um yeah, I suppose.

I grabbed a piece of plasticware I don't mind losing and follow her out into the dark, rainy morning. I realize she's already going as I dive under her tooshy. She looks as me as if I'm the most horrible person in the whole world. How DARE I interrupt this private moment!! Lucky for me, she didn't move or stop or get me.

I took her in, she was so excited to get in the car and GO! until we GOT! Then she acted like a giant baby. She wanted to sit in my lap. She lost almost a pound, but at 74 lbs, she still is no lap dog. Dr. Amy was happy with how she's responding to the meds. Her skin is clearing up. She is thinking it is an allergy instead of something internal. If everything clears up until next year at this time, then we'll medicate for the late winter/early spring each year. If it comes back quickly, we'll look into changing her food.

I drove her home, jumped in the shower and was out the door in time to get to work ON TIME! Kev didn't even have to get up to take me in, as we thought he might.


bronxbt said...

so good to hear 'da puppers is doing well...

and my gods do i hate those specimins' gathering...



Jack K. said...

Superwoman strikes again.

Glad to learn that Josie is healing nicely.

PlazaJen said...

Yay for Josie! And for your successful diving!