Wednesday, November 15, 2006

time? it's actually zipping!

I really thought this week would start slow and build to a slow so slow that I'd actually be able to see time. Not so. Yesterday was done in a flash. Work, fast. Knit night, fast (I even finished my friend's short, tuck in scarf). Sleeping, that's always fast.

I woke up a half hour early today and decided to get up. No use laying in bed feigning sleep. I putzed around reading various blogs. I checked the weather to make sure what I'd picked out last night would be appropriate (yeah, it was...cuz you wanted to know). I scratched on Chloe cuz she's a crazy lover kitty in the wintertime (something about it being colder makes her want to sit on us, which makes us thankful because she's warm and we keep the house cold).

Tonight I have no idea what we are going to do. Kev has off today so he's having lunch with his pal and running to CostCo and the grocery store. Yeah, seems funny to do those two things before we leave, but since Chuckles will be here with the kids we are going to leave him with food.

Yeah, the excitement that is my life.

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bronxbt said...

i hear ya girl...
monday AM i was still onna plane, and now i look up at the calendar and holy heck it;s Thursday already...

have i even LEFT the office in 4 days?


if i miss ya, safe flight to Hawaii, BIG fun.