Wednesday, October 25, 2006

everybody loves a list

1. mani and pedi

2. pack clothing

3. finalize exactly what knitting i am taking

4. write note for shannon and kiley about the cats

5. write note for diana and lawrence about the dog

6. pick up house (nobody likes coming home to clutter)

7. take copious amounts of benadryl to rid my body of the snot

8. get toiletries ready

9. pray boots make it here in time

10. cry because i know they won't

11. write post about not being around this weekend because we're heading to los angeles to celebrate my sister's nuptuals

12. buy wedding gift

13. blow nose

14. prepare for everything

1 comment:

Jack K. said...

It won't be much longer. As you might have guessed we are almost completely packed.

See you in LA.