Tuesday, October 24, 2006


All day yesterday I was sneezing. I dropped Kev at work and Jill and I were going to return some mis-sized pants to the Rack. Everytime we'd get out of the car and go into a store, sneezes. Runny nose was also around.

I am not sure why my allergy gnomes decided yesterday was the day to attack...at least I wasn't sure until Jill noticed something very important. The car, it was COVERED. IN. POLLEN! WTF?!?

So, I was drippy and sneezy and unhappy for the entire day because the car needs to be washed. I asked Kev to do that sometime this week on his way home so that when we go to the aiport on Friday morning I am not having to get into the car of sneeze again. That'd make for a lousy trip on a plane for anyone. Snot on a plane. Now that is a movie title!


bronxbt said...

vitamin C!
vitamin C!
vitamin C!
vitamin C!

get better soon!


shannon said...

b, it's allergies so c really isn't going to do squat. but thanks. :)

as soon as we get the pollen washed off the car and the shrubs are done dropping it...i'll be fine.

actually, i'm much better today already than yesterday. i expect to have a fairly sneeze free day.