Thursday, August 05, 2010

who knew?

i am a person who even though i chat a lot, i really like quiet. when i get home, i often times don't turn any music or television on for hours. 

the morning hours are often my favorites because everyone is still sleeping (aside from Chloe who hangs with me most of the time). there is a hush over the house, except for the clacking of the keys as i type. 

at work my friends/coworkers there see me being my most 'on' self and honestly believe i am that way all the time. sure, i am that person, obviously, but being 'on' all the time is hard and tiring.  between my 'on' persona and my relaxed self, it's either lots of chatter or nothing at all. the nothing at all freaks people out, i am sure. i don't think people know that i'm not 'on' all the damn time. and when they argue with me about who i am when they don't see's frustrating. i mean shit, who should know me better than me?

this girl must turn herself down from being at 11 at all times. it's exhausting people!

so if you invite me out and i say no, it's not that i don't love you or want to hang out, it's just i've had a tiring 'on' kind of day...and just need to be quiet. seriously.


Jack K. said...

I know just what you mean. Being "on" requires proper scheduling. It brings joy, and so does quiet time.

Love ya,


Where did the being "on" gene come from anyway? snerx.

David said...

I totally get you. I get really cranky without some alone, quiet time.