Saturday, June 19, 2010

why hello

meet Abe. he is my new friend. no, he does not live with me. i just met him this morning as he and his family were standing out front of the store. i rushed out to meet him and fell head over heels. his fam said they'd make sure to stop by again so we could see each other.

they kept saying how much he seemed to like me as he perched on my shoulder. he washed his face while sitting there. 

i am happy that they will bring him back around this summer. he had my heart the moment i saw him.


Jack K. said...

Hi, Abe.

It's always good to make a new friend.

But, do you have clogs that will fit him?

Lily said...

It is cute, but what is it????

k said...

aw, I love him, too! more importantly, I love your hair. Mucho adorable!

StarSpry said...

Abe is adorable! Glad you got to meet him :)

I love all the pictures you've posted lately. I can't wait to see how your fence turns out. It's going to be beautiful :)

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Abe! and Shannon~ (: What a cute little guy. kinda irresistible! xxVicki