Sunday, June 06, 2010


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today was the day i helped the daughter of my deceased neighbor clean out the craft room. it was quite full, but i got there around 11:00, set us to task, and was home by 3:30. she admitted that she'd feared we'd be there much later than that. i knew we'd be done around then.

as we cleaned and organized things for the estate sale, she told me to take things if they struck my fancy. and i will admit, a few things did follow me home.

this little guy is one of them. my first thought was that i should send it to my sister in california because when she was pregnant she loved them. now every time i see a squirrel i think of her. which leads me to the second thought...i also kind of want to keep him because of the fact that i think of my sister when i look at him.

if i kept him, i might put him out someplace in the garden. (maybe the slugs who ate our corn, beans and zucchini will think it's real and stay the hell away from the second plantings...bastards.)

anyway, what do you all think?

A. send to my sister? or

B. keep because he reminds me of her?


The Real Mother Hen said...

My vote is B, considering the two of you don't get to see each other often, something to remind you of her is always sweet.

David said...

I'm thinking keep it for you, you'll smile everytime you see it.

Jack K. said...

The obvious answer is:


Lily said...

I'd say keep it and think of her when you look at it. Once in a while think of me too as I like them too.
Hope you haven't forgotten your knitting.