Monday, May 31, 2010

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i started thinking about the space of this house and how we could better use it. we live in a two bedroom home. one is larger, the other smaller. pretty typical. for some reason we always gravitate towards the larger bedroom to use as our master. not sure why people do that...

anyway, i used to use my yarn stash box in the living room as a desk and would sit hunched over, often tweeking my back, as i pecked away on the computer. it wasn't very comfortable, to say the least.

last night i started thinking about the two rooms and how to best utilize them. i laid down in the bed in what was the guest room and got a great feeling of calm. the garden window acts as a sort of headboard now, although that room needs paint, drapes, etc... i get to wake up every morning and see the glorious view.

i also get to turn on the light to check out what clothing i want to wear to work since my closet has remained in the now guest room. it's nice i don't have to pick things out the night before like i used to. the larger room just made sense to be the guest room/upstairs off/dressing room.

i am rather smitten with my little set up. kev sent a thumbs up from work. i sent him pictures of both rooms.

must eat a little something and then, i am going to bake a blueberry cobbler.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Your 1st para "we always gravitate towards the larger bedroom to use as our master, not sure why people do that..." oh, I know I know, because if you don't, people is going to ask you "Why?" also :)

I gravitate towards smaller room, you know, if we go to a hostel, I choose the smaller bed; if we go to cabin, I choose the smaller room, and people always ask WHY? Eh, I don't know.

How's your garden now?

Monika said...

Lovely set up, and so organized!