Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OnPoint Contest - Excellence in Education - Teacher Award

OnPoint Contest - Excellence in Education - Teacher Award

Go there and please vote for Brett Bigham. He is not only my neighbor, but he is my friend.

Recently he received a grant so that he could put on a Prom for his students (Brett teaches Special Education). He not only put in the time while at work, but his days off as well. He made over 300 corsages (with a little help from the school's receptionist and me) so that every single person attending could have one to remember their fun evening.

He strives to provide his students with stability and "normalcy". He treats them as he would any other human on this earth. With dignity and respect, which many of these kids never really get elsewhere (I worked with the population back in Kansas and loved every single second of my four years at CLO...purely because of the individuals and teachers).

The grand prize is pretty spectacular and I can't think of anyone more deserving than Brett.

I am proud of him and am honored to be able to call him my friend.


Jack K. said...

He got my vote. Let him know that we are proud of his devotion to his students. Perhaps we can drink to him the next time we are in your neighborhood.

StarSpry said...

Brett got my vote, too! He sounds like a wonderful person and teacher. I always like to hear about people like this :)

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Shannon... sheesh... its been a crazy fast spring so far down here, and I'm way slow in getting around to my fav blogs! I hope its not too late, but I just went and voted for Brett. Good luck to him! I hope he wins! Sure looks like he deserves it~ (: Hope all is well up there. Its been a chillier than normal spring down here. Have a great week~ xxVicki