Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the best laid plans

while i was at work i had thought about coming home today and getting out in the garden to till up the soil. i thought about planting a few bottles (yeah, cuz that project WILL be finished this spring) and even getting others soaking again for easy label removal. when i drove home, with my music blaring and singing along loudly (must be in the air), i thought of getting some weeds yanked while i was at it. however all those thoughts went out of my mind when i got home and saw my deceased neighbor's daughter's car in the drive (correct apostrophe usage, kids?). i knew that she was going through the things in the house. she had once offered to let me to go through the craft room whenever i pleased. she mentioned it to kevin when she saw him last week. 

the room will be a challenge, but i will help her go through it. 

1 comment:

Jack K. said...

You are a good neighbor.

Your use of apostrophes showing possession is good too.

Love ya,