Sunday, January 03, 2010

the one where i reign victorious

i had sent a message to a friend yesterday about the damn dishwasher and the wiring and the errors of my ways. she called saying, "i am pretty sure we can fix that." and we were off to the races. she was ready to come over on new years day, but sadly the home depot was closed and we had to get wire.

so we settled for yesterday. she picked up a few supplies on her way over and we met at the house. it took us just around two hours, including a trip to the deep hole to get a hose extension. it seems that where the water goes into the dishwasher is in a different location than our former one making the 72" hose (which is the longest dishwasher hose they make, i've searched) too short. nothing a trip to the deep hole couldn't fix.

came home, she climbed under the sink and bam, we were in business. shoved the machine under the counter (okay, nudged it under making sure it was level and not kinking any wires or hoses), flipped the breaker back on (saying a little prayer) and we had lights!!

we filled it before we went to dinner. tanya had to get home, but we'll do dinner sometime soon (with her husband even!). when we arrived home we put the soap in and ran it. we purposely did not clean the dishes before putting them in (you know the wash before you wash). we had some tomato cream sauce that had baked into the pan a bit...gone. every last bit of it! and we didn't even use the pre-treat option!!!

it feels good to have it done.


Gail said...

I'll hire you any day. It looks great!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

You. Rock! And so does Tanya. Congratulations on vanquishing the wiring!

Jack K. said...

I knew you could do it. I never had a doubt in your abilities. You do rock!

The Real Mother Hen said...

OHHHHHHH this is great! Your friend is such a great help, and you're great too!

Monika said...

Ha! Take that Jim! :o)

Lily said...

Am so glad you are all wired to go!