Friday, November 13, 2009

it's the holiday season...

working retail during the holidays can be crazy. being a manager is almost even crazier. staff want off to spend time with their family and i try to accommodate as best i can. this year i've only had to tell one person that they couldn't have their original desired date off, but we compromised and adjusted the schedule so she would get an extra day to go see her family and her beau's family. thankfully the crew knows i am one person and most of them are willing to cover for a coworker now and again when i am already on the sales floor.

starting tuesday, i'm working a nine (9) day stretch on the sales floor. leading right up to turkey day. i've got the menu set and the shopping list compiled. all kev has to do is go on monday before the big day to get everything on said list. one of the evenings i will make the cheesecake. and we have to remember to take the bird out of the freezer on the sat prior to thanksgiving. it's an 18 lb bird. i hope that the 14 year old boy, 16 year old girl and their mother who are joining us for the big day are hungry. cuz i've got a feast planned.

i'm glad to get the tradition of "stragglers thanksgiving" back into practice. michelle, gage and mallory will be a welcome addition to our feast.


Lily said...

I worked reatail when I was very young (yes, I was young once) and I know what you mean. It was in a department store in D.C.! I still remember the young woman with whom I was sharing a cubicle where we were selling XMas cards. she was pregnant and kept eating pickles and drinking the juice out of the jar!!!!
I too am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for coming to America and for special friends and family...and especially people like you who brighten this old woman's day when she reads your blog. Love you to pieces young friend!

Jack K. said...

There are some lucky folks working with you and coming to your home on Thanksgiving.

Have a great one. We are going to the Lansing High School annual T'day dinner for seniors today. We will meet Priscilla there. Ted refuses to go. He's afraid that means he is accepting the idea that he is old. You gotta love him.

Love you,


The Real Mother Hen said...

You're making turkey? I should have invite myself :) nah, that's to scare you! :)

You know, I always thought it's a shame that I haven't got into the thanksgiving thing yet, largely due to the fact that my husband, being an Englishman, only wants turkey on Xmas. It's kinda hard to make turkey for Thanksgiving and again on Xmas, considering both holidays are just weeks apart. So I haven't made a thanksgiving dinner since we moved here a few years ago. And I know, one day when I leave the States, I'm going to regret for not getting into the holiday tradition. Bummer!