Monday, June 22, 2009


yes, i am in love. he's my little bug. he had just been getting fussy after a lovely moment with his mom getting fed in their bed. she was hoping to nap, but alas...she ended up using the time to go through a box of table linens while he and i danced around the room to james brown.

at this point i asked my sister to get into my purse and pull out my camera to capture this shot. i'm glad i did.

he is such a snuggle bug!!! i love him ever so much. my little guy.

if i didn't love my life in portland so much i'd move here in a heartbeat. of course, i was hoping they would move up to where i live...but no such luck. ah well, such is life.


bronxbt said...

omg so cute i could just.... *fwap*

WandaWoman said...

Such cuteness! Glad you made it there safely.

mishiesmom said...

He's just precious.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Yeah start persuading your sister to move to Portland :)

Skyline & Sunshine said...