Sunday, June 14, 2009

friends are a'comin

we are having some friends over tonight for a little bbq. really, we originally were just having the friend who will be house/animal sitting while we are in los angeles (where lily, yes, we'll be meeting our new little nephew, eli) over to show him the ropes, but that turned into "hey, we should have other people over to eat too!"

only one couple couldn't make it due to prior engagements, but they were over last night.

kev is such a good sport about stopping and getting groceries on his way home. he works near a haggens market and quite honestly, the produce there is much better quality than the two stores near us. plus, i still don't have a car so it makes it easier on me if he goes and does it on his way home.

speaking of the car, we're still waiting to sign on our re-fi. there were so many people trying to take advantage of the lower rates that the banks are swamped. our broker has the locked in date past the time when we are gone, so we can sign when we get home (unless she emails us and tells us that we can sign this week). i'm not too worried. so i'll drive the subie down (i adore it, vicki!!)

all i have left to do today before everyone gets here is move the furniture back downstairs (when we rock band, we move things around to make space) and finish cleaning up the kitchen.

oh, and sneeze...a lot...blasted allergies.

i took photos of the garden yesterday, but kev took the camera to work and i didn't get them loaded to my computer before he had to leave. i promise to share when i get the camera back!!


The Real Mother Hen said...

Can you re-fi the car? Hey, why haven't I thought of that before. Oh stupid me.

Becky said...

That's good to hear that your rate was extended and that you didn't lose it just b/c they're backed up. I'm amazed that even with them being so busy, that the rates have gone up so high.