Saturday, April 25, 2009

an explanation

i got a new phone (don't worry, we did NOT pay that price for it...I got it free). we have unlimited text. blogger has a mobile post option, costing the regular text fees. remember, we have unlimited. i totally can post from my phone! i am in love with it.

this will be fun. will my blog turn into my own personal twitter? will i start a new trend?


only time will tell


mishiesmom said...

That looks like a nice phone. Enjoy, says the person who is technology challenged.

Jack K. said...

Wow! More phone than I'm ready for. lol

k said...

ooh shiny! how on earth did you wrangle it for free? I love my iPhone, but sometimes I think I'd rather have an actual keypad--less chance of fat-fingering stuff, it seems.