Saturday, October 11, 2008


Isn't it interesting how life sometimes seems to fly by? I mean you blink and we're near the middle of October already.

Work has been a bit stressful for me. Yep, in the world of comfort shoes, there can be stress. My boss is out of the country until the 28th, leaving me in charge of the check books. My co-manager was away for a few days. This was the perfect time for someone to get sick. So they did. I worked an 11.5 hour day on Thursday. I'm taking it slow this morning and going in when the store where the office is opens at 11:00. I have to close my old haunt tonight. Then, I am getting a day off!

Tomorrow we have potential plans to meet up with Jill and Mark at Sweetness Bakery, plans to go to Wolfgang's first birthday (he's a baby of some friends of ours), and plans to hang out with Shannon and Kiley.

I am looking forward to every single minute of tomorrow. I am also hoping to go get some yarn to start making a baby sweater for a very special someone in my life (sorry, not disclosing at this time, other to say it is NOT me). I am over the moon, however.

Today is going to be an easier day. It's going to be a less stress filled day. It is going to fly by like yesterday did (I got to work all day at my store...the one downtown that I worked at full time for five years).

So, I am going to go heat up another cup of coffee, scratch Chloe's back a bit more, and maybe take a bath.

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