Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It was a chilly morning as I awoke to the soft sounds coming from my alarm clock (I have it set to a radio station that is not too jarring). No animals climbed across my head, chest, body. Simon was content to snuggle up and keep himself warm against us. Josie was starting to rouse, but had yet to come over to my side of the bed to poke me with her cold, wet nose. Chloe was not in the room with us.

I actually turned on the heater in the bathroom downstairs this morning as I fed the crew. I figured if I turned it on at that time, it'd be warm by the time I went down for my shower. It was.

The past few days I've been walking, riding my bike, relying on my body power to get to work. This morning, I decided to take the car. I need to run down to Portland Fixture (I LOVE going to this place and poking around) to get some things for the kids store. I figured it would be easier to use the Subie as opposed to strapping something to my back or relying on getting a car from one of the guys here. Yesterday I'd hoped to borrow Ahmed's car, but he had people with him and I didn't want to leave them stranded at the office.

Speaking of work...I better get to it. I've got photos to take and load up to our site. I've got fixtures to go buy. I've got shoes to unload and figure out where I am storing. I've got a day ahead of me...

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