Thursday, June 05, 2008


The plumber was here and has gone (which is good since he was here yesterday). Ken was great and so was his apprentice. They were reasonably priced, too! Happy surprise, indeed. However, even though we have running water and a disposal that works, the dishwasher is not running now. I opened the water valve that runs to it, nothing. So today Kev will call Ken and have him back out to fix it.

I could take a picture of water shooting out of the faucet, but didn't want to bore you all. Instead I took a photo of my friend poppy. She's a vibrant red head and is truly beautiful. What? I've never mentioned her before? Well, she's a springtime friend I didn't know I had until this year.

I love me some poppies! Especially the orange ones! The color is so vibrant and alive. We've only got the one poppy plant, but I am thinking I need more next year! Or course I know the saying of variety being the spice and all that, but sometimes you are allowed to over indulge in something so lovely, aren't you?!

Speaking of that...I'm going to go look at my kitchen again. If you don't see me for a while, just imagine me standing in front of the sink petting the counters and playing in the water.


Jack K. said...

What a bummer that the dishwasher isn't working.

Hope it is an easy fix.

The poppy is very beautiful.

We are so lucky to have beautiful flowers to brighten our lives.

StarSpry said...

I'm glad you've got most of the kitchen plumbing working :) I hope the dishwasher is an easy fix.

The poppy looks so pretty!

Monika said...

Oh, your poppy popped! I have one plant too, but the buds are still closed, so close to opening, but there was no sunshine the last two days. We'll have so many buds this year, I'll take a picture, whenever the sun comes out. I love them too, the orange with the black middle is just too gorgeous.
Aw, I would have liked a picture of running water!