Wednesday, April 09, 2008

how many times?

I have been knitting an amazing sweater. I've started and re-started the back three times (it's now done). I've started and re-started the left front twice (it's still on the needles). Anyone want to guess how many times I'll start and re-start the right front and each arm? Wagers?

It will be perfect, though. At least I'm saying that now. I hope it will be perfect. It will be warm, that's for sure! Alpaca is the yarn.

I'd write more, but Josie is demanding I spend some time with her (she just brought me one of Kev's socks)...


bronxbt said...

sweaters are sooo last year.

i tell ya, girlee.. make some of yer fanz some SOCKKKKKS.


(josie's got the right idea)

Monika said...

Josie comes before knitting a sweater, that's right! I'm sure on part of this sweater will be knit once and be perfect!