Tuesday, June 12, 2007

my boys

I went into the bedroom this morning to give Kevin a kiss goodbye. I couldn't resist taking this picture (as well as two others). Simon was using Kev's head as his own pillow, which you can see.

I swear, that little (ahem) orange kitty makes my heart swell with love. He's the most annoying creature on the face of this planet and at the same time we can't imagine life without his ass (in our faces when we are going to bed, lying on the couch, or at any given time). I should say he's not always annoying, just anywhere from 5:30-7:00 on most mornings.

You look at that picture and think "him? annoying?" Trust me, the photos is AFTER he's been fed breakfast and the little bastard goes back to bed.

Simon has been ever so helpful when it comes to packing up things, as well. Making sure that the boxes are...boxes, I suppose. He has a thing for them. It's weird, taking photos off the walls, getting Kev's chest of drawers ready to go into storage, clearing everything off the counters in the kitchen. It's slowly hitting me that we are going to sell our house. The place that the trio and we have known for the last four years. We always knew that it wasn't the house we wanted to live in for more than that, but it's still a bit sad. However, I think when we find the right house for us (and trust me, I feel like I've seen one, but know at the price it is listed it will go faster than we would be ready for) I think I'll be okay. I'm looking forward to moving on and moving into a bigger place.

Tomorrow we might go to the open house at that house...you know, to make my heart cry. We will be listing after the weekend of July 7th. For that weekend I have both Saturday and Sunday off and Jill and I are building a fence (unless Kev and I do it sooner, but that is highly doubtful). It seems surreal to me, listing in three (!) weeks.

As for the knitting front, I've got some great 100% cotton that I am busy making dish clothes for various family members who at this time shall remain nameless. I'm playing with stitches and enjoying myself. As for the sewing, I bought some amazing blue and green striped fabric that I've started making into 20" pillow covers for our bed. Must make this place look amazing since strangers will be walking through and judging us. :)

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday. Think of us chopping wood and doing other random chores we must get done before listing. Let's hear it for cooler and cloudier days coupled with yard work!


Jack K. said...

Great photo. How can you NOT love that sorry-assed cat? giggle.

Have a great time fence building.

Couldn't access the link. Got an error message saying I had to access it from favorites.

Is it the one that you sent to your mother?

Becky said...

I felt the same way when I left my condo in Hawaii, even though I was so excited to move to Seattle. It was my sanctuary for almost four years, so it meant a lot.

bronxbt said...

oooooooh... that reminds me so much of our dearly departed chasey!! (aka, mr puddins, thunderbutt, lurch)

he did the same thing around J's noggin at night, and yesh, normally i'd get nothin' but catbutt.

such a cute pic! thankees so much for sharing wif' all of us...

enjoy your weekend