Monday, October 30, 2006

six is my favorite number

I took six pictures in Cali. Yep, six.

Two of Oscar. Four of the tables before anyone got there (actually it was still in the day when Julianne and I were setting up). I didn't get any in the evening when the candles were lit. I didn't get any of my parents or my cousin or my mom's best friend. I didn't get any of Julianne or David. I did get one of Kev, but that was because Oscar was sitting in his lap.

I'm tired. I'm glad I have off today. Kev ended up calling in because he just doesn't feel great. He wasn't feeling great the entire weekend. We did have a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Thankfully we did get some quiet time with Julianne and David. Granted that time was almost always in the car, but at least we got to just be with them.

The cats were spoiled rotten. Shannon and Kiley left us with a fabulous Jack-O-Lantern waiting on our porch (pictures will be taken and shared). Josie was happy to see us, although I suspect she had a blast with Diana and Lawrence. We are all happy to be home.

Here are just a few of the photos I took...really, a few of the few.


Ginny said...


The tablecloths are beautiful! You guys did a wonderful job!

Glad to hear your trip was good - and welcome back.


bronxbt said...

oh mah gooodness...

sooo cuuuute.
puppery goodness!!!

and peoplz!


Shari said...

Did I ever tell you that I'm absolutely terrified by that number?

If not, I'm absolutely terrified by that number.