Sunday, October 15, 2006

on turning 34

Yesterday was my birthday. Kev and I had a party. It was rowdy. Everyone got home safely.

I have realized, looking back to last night, that I think I'm to the point where rowdy isn't me anymore. I love quiet evenings with friends sharing stories, playing games, drinking wine. I enjoy the soft music in the background. Not being the party, just enhancing it. I'm happy when friends come together and share the experience of simply being.

So I am one year older and many years wiser this morning. Even though the party was not quite what I'd hoped for, or expected, it did show me a thing or two. I appreciate all Kev did, because I simply invited a few people. He made the food, cleaned the house, etc. However, I won't ask him to take it all on again. We are a team. We work well as a team.


PlazaJen said...

Omigosh! Happy day-after-birthday day! I once whooped it up with the best of 'em and also hit the same conclusion. However, it's always good to be surrounded by friends & those we love & return that love. Big happy birthday and hope you got some yarn! :)

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday - a day late!

I agree with you - those softer, quieter times with friends are better! But it was so sweet of Kev to do all that he did! He is a "keeper" and you're a lucky lady!

Ginny (Bobbert & the kids tooooo)

shannon said...

J- I got some yarn, but not from knitters (if you catch my drift). I did get a gift certificate to a fabulous yarn shop though (from a none knitter, but from someone who knows).

G- Thanks! I think we are planning on a calm and quiet time with a few friends shortly. We've got a couple of people who need to meet and last night was not the night it was to happen.

bronxbt said...

omgoodness i missed your burfday! i'm soooo sorry.

i'm an ass.
don't hate me 'cuz i'm beeoootiful.

hugs n stuff, and i hope you had a fun time.. (sounds like it)

~ B